Unique Work + Offset Poster Edition | C Print, Acid-Free Board, Oak & Museums Glass | Poster Signed Edition of 200 | Work 130cm x 135cm | Poster 70 x 100 | 2011

How well do you know your neighbors? If you live in an apartment, then you probably have greeted your neighbors in the stairwell, but have you seen their living room? Many apartments in Copenhagen are built such that each apartment is the same as the next, with two per floor, a mirror image of each other. If you live in such a building, have you wondered how your neighbors use the same space as your own? Given the equal starting point, how do things differ? How are they the same?

This is one such building in Copenhagen. It is located in Nørrebro, the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in Copenhagen, and likely in Denmark. The building is cooperatively owned, and has functioned as such for many years. It consists of twenty apartments, ten for each of the two entrances. I asked all the residents if I could photograph the same room in all the apartments, the one facing the street which is typically used as a living room.

The resulting images are then placed into the work as they are in real life, making the single piece a doll-house documentation about how similar (or, depending on your view, different) our living choices really are.